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Training new or current staff will be a breeze with BMSQUEUE®'s simple yet intuitive Virtual Caller. Instead of having extra wiring, extra hardware and extra costs, all you have installed is a small footprint-software on your existing counter PCs. Furthermore, this application can be integrated with most front‐end applications with/ without minor modification which will not impact the front-end application itself.

Call the next customer - Each Virtual Caller user can be configured with a number of preferred service types that he or she may be more suited to serve because of his or her training. This same feature can also be applied on a per counter basis instead of per user allowing your staff to be effective and the flow of customer maximized.
Transfer a customer to another service - If your business has a rich set of services and you are afraid of customers selecting the incorrect service, fear not! BMSQUEUE®’s Virtual Caller can simply transfer the customer to the correct service and even give the option of placing the customer at the front or the back of the queue.
Put a customer on hold - Instead of waiting for a back office response or an email to be replied, your staff can simply put that customer on hold and continue serving other customers. When the reply finally comes, the service can easily be resumed thus reducing idle time.
Multi‐platform support - The Keypad is available in both Microsoft Windows native version and Java versions. This means that our Virtual Keypad can run on all Microsoft platforms that is Windows 2000 and above, and all platforms that support Java virtual machine. If your queue is still long after all this, a quick change of service priorities from the back office will dissipate it quickly.