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When a client or customer first enters a premise, they will always be in a state of observation, trying to figure out what they are supposed to do and where they are supposed to go. A ticketing kiosk will:

  • GREET - it focuses the customers to a single point and with BMSQUEUE®’s interactive and user-friendly interface, your customers will feel welcomed and relaxed knowing their place in the queue is secured.
  • INFORM - your customers will know exactly where to go for which ever service they select.
  • MANAGE - customers can no longer push ahead in line, nor can they lose their spot. Priorities will be handled faster
  • RECORD - everything from waiting time to serving time will be recorded. You can rest assured knowing that the peak hours are getting handled competently by your staff.
BMSQUEUE® - Ticketing Kiosks also have the ticket dispensing that provide for samller box. it's functionality can press the button to take the ticket for customer serves the smaller box is the slim box that have strong mini controller board and it working experience for long time.